New Phone Case

Recently I've upgraded my phone to this beautiful gold iPhone, and so I figured it was in need of a case to help protect it. I had been on the lookout for a pretty phone case for quite a while so when GoCustomized contacted me I thought it was perfect timing and a great opportunity to create a phone case that I actually like and looks awesome.

GoCustomized is a company that offers personalised phone cases, you can upload your own design or choose from one of their designs. I opted for the Personalised Hard Case Full Wrapped at £19.95 + free shipping. I chose the full wrap one because I like it when the design continues on the side of the phone and not just the back. I went for uploading my own design although you could have picked from one of their designs (I know their marble design is really popular), but I went for navy blue and stripes - if you know me then you will know everything has to be blue or have strips on it, so this seemed like the perfect design to put onto my phone case. The process was really simple and the site was really easy to navigate around. I simply just saved an image off Google Images and then uploaded it to the site. I wanted to add a more personal touch to my case so, I added my name to the bottom of the case, again this was totally customisable with lots of sizes, fonts and colours to choose from.
For under £20 this case is such good quality and I feel I have no fear of the it breaking anytime soon. It could make a perfect Christmas gift for a someone this year because it's so customisable - make your own iPhone 6 case for a friend, or for yourself! 

What do you think of my case?

Autumn Fashion Inspiration

Autumn Fashion Inspiration
(Images sourced from Pinterest)

A change in seasons and a change in my wardrobe, time to swap the vest tops for jumpers and sandals for boots. For me, autumn fashion is my favourite time of the year with clothes and makeup because it's all about piling on the layers. Since autumn began I've been spending my nights, scrolling through Pinterest pinning all my favourite outfits and everything related to autumn (I may have started to pin Christmas pins). You might be able to tell from the images above that I love thick, cosy scarves, and statement coats - I still managed to find some including some striped tees.

What's your fashion staple piece for autumn?


The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung Vogue Documentary

The Future of Fashion with Alexa Chung and Vogue

You've probably all been watching this series already, but just in case you weren't I'm here to tell you why you should go and watch it. Vogue has created a six-part documentary with the help of Alexa Chung, to dig deeper into the unknown of the British fashion industry and find the unanswered questions many people asks. 

I'm in the process of figuring out what I want to do once I leave school, I found this series extremely interesting as there are so many other jobs in the British fashion industry that no one really talks about and how they all work so well together. It's made me open my eye and see the jobs in this industry and think about how the fashion industry could be a potential option for the future. 

The last episode was my favourite, with Paul Smith (he is such an awesome guy), it's also made me love Alexa Chung even more than I did before. The next episode is going to be uploaded on Tuesday - it looks another great one. Watch the whole series here - I highly recommend giving it a watch even if you aren't that into the fashion industry, they are only 10 minutes per episode as well. 

Have you seen this series?


Top 4 Autumn Lipsticks

Top 4 Autumn Lipsticks

I'll start off with this nude lipstick I love to wear around this time of the year. I would describe this colour as 'your lips but better' shade, it's got a slight brownish shade to it rather than pink, so I personally it makes it easier to wear. It one of those lipsticks you can wear everyday and never have any problem with it. 

I classic red lipstick, I feel you can get away with wearing a red lip any time of the year. My favourite is this one from MAC. I have actually done a full review on this lipstick here. I love this one because it says on for quite and long time and is very matte, I find matte lipsticks suit me the best, especially in red. 

I feel like this is a very talked about lipstick this time of the year, with so many people loving it and wearing it throughout autumn and winter. Again this is matte (can you notice I have a thing with matte lipsticks?) which helps it be more wearable and long lasting in my opinion. I love the colour as it's not a red nor is it a purple, I would describe it as a dark vampy red. 

I bought this lipstick last Christmas but I haven't worn it as much as I would like too hopefully, this autumn and winter I will get to wear it more. It's such a pretty shade - it might look scary here but once you apply it to your lips it's lighter and a lot more purple. 

What's your go to Autumn Lipstick?

Happy & Healthy: September

Happy & Healthy September, Misfit Flash Review

My New Fitness Gadget - Misfit 

There isn't really much to say about this month. The only thing I would say is that because I've been back at school, I've found myself snacking less on unhealthy foods - I think it's purely because there is no access the biscuit barrel all day. Also, my meals have been a lot better because I'm in a routine, there has been no breakfast at 11 or skipping lunch. Oh... and should I mention that I've been addicted to Nutella this month - I can't help myself!

Again this has improved this month due to me being back in a routine. I have completed the Fitness Blender 5-day challenge to help me get back into working out. I have to say that I actually really enjoyed doing them and it gave me more motivation to workout out, even if my whole body was so sore. Over the past week, I haven't managed to put the trainers on much as I've not been feeling the best, but defiantly going to be putting them back on soon.

The Next 30 days
During October, I'm just going to try and keep a good diet and workout more. It could be challenging as we have Halloween at the end of the month.

My New Favourite 
Misfit is a wearable fitness tracker. I bought this after hearing so many reviews on it and really wanted to get my paws on it. It was on offer in Urban Outfitters - even more reasons to buy it. I have the Misfit Flash in Pink, I like the fact that you can wear it anywhere your not just limited to your wrist like many other trackers. On the face of the device, it tells you the time and how much of your daily target you've achieved. You also track this on their app where you can see; miles you've walked, the amount of sleep, calories burnt. I'm thinking of picking up another colour something like black or grey as it will go with more outfits and not look so bright on my wrist.