Rosie Bea's Collection for Elegant Touch & Eylure

Rosie Bea's Collection for Elegant Touch and Eylure

Rosie Bea is a vlogger, who I've been subscribed to for quite a long time now. When she announced that she had been working on this collection I was very excited because I knew she'd bring out something amazing. If you've never watched Rosie, let me just tell you she has absolutely stunning red hair. Rosie has teamed with Elegant Touch to bring out 6 false nail designs and Eylure to bring out 6 sets of false eyelashes. Rosie's collection is available in Superdrug online and in some Superdrug stores. 

I'm not really a false eyelash wearer so I decided to pick up just one pair to start with. There are 4 full eyelashes - 2 for daytime and 2 for a night, and then there are 2 3/4 sets. I went to the 3/4 lengths because I feel I can get away wearing them easily due to them being very natural and delicate. These lashes come with adhesive and can be reused which I think is great, you also get and the instruction sheet on how to apply them for eyelash novices - like me.

I decided to pick up these two patterns because these both first caught my attention when Rosie debuted them all. Each pack comes with 24 nails in 10 different sizes, then along with instructions on how to apply them, a nail buffer and glue. Spotlight is a nude nail with copper accents - aka a bloggers dream. And then I also picked up Truffle this was the one I wanted to get the most as I just find the colour really flattering with my skin tone. I'm not really a huge false nail wearer but I like the shape of these as they are not too long but also if you find them too long you can file them down a bit which is what I did with them. They lasted around 5 days before the first one came off, which to me is pretty good as normally by then if you've painted your nails they would have chipped by then.

I know that when Roise applies her nails she usually applies nail guards first, I was going to pick some up but they didn't have any in store. I still feel like I'm going to pick them up next time I'm in a store because they can make the whole process easier and protect your nails more. 

Overall, I've been very pleased with Rosie's collection. In the future I defiantly plan to pick up more pieces, I've got my eye on the Sweetpea nails, which are such lovely daisy print nails. I've found them to be really affordable because you can reuse them. 

Have you tried anything from Rosie's Collection?


So the other week I took a day trip to Bath. I've never been before but I always hear how beautiful the city it, so it has always been on my list for places to visit in the UK and let me just say it didn't disappoint. The architecture is so stunning all around the city, there are so many buildings you just look at and think 'wow'. I wish I could have taken more pictures but I was just too busy being stunned over by this beautiful city.

I did a bit of the touristy activities but also a bit of shopping. There are so many tiny side streets with little boutique shops that need to be explored. I have to mention I went into my first Anthropology store - oh my goodness everything is so pretty but so expressive *cries*. I went to the Roman Baths, they were full of other tourists like me but I actually found it extremely relaxing to sit by the baths. There was a man and he was creating bubbles and then all the children go mad trying to pop them. The Royal Crescent was so beautiful too but sadly I didn't get any pictures. I planned to go to the Fashion Musume but we didn't have enough time sadly - maybe next time.

I wish I spent more time there than I did because there were lots I wanted to do but never got the chance to. If anyone ever invites me there or I get a free weekend I'll be there in a flash to discover more of the amazing city.

Have you ever been to Bath?

September Wishlist

Now were in September Autumn is only around the corner and so it's time to begin swapping out those summer pieces and adding in some warmer ones. So many stores have brought in a lot of new pieces for Autumn and Winter; I love A/W fashion so much more than S/S it's all about the layers and being comfy and warm.

I've been having a browse online a found quite a few pieces I would quite like. I've noticed quite a lot of embroidered pieces online like this dress from Topshop and the mom jeans with embroidered flowers - I love mom jeans recently they are a nice change as I always wear skinny jeans. It's time to start pulling out all the jackets and coats. Bomber jackets still seem to be pretty big asos have some good ones I love this pink bomber jacket, I don't usually go for colours. I've fallen in love with the floral bomber jacket from Zara. I think a long coat can look really amazing, I've seen lots of outfits on Pinterest. You may know I'm a big fan of Converse and I've seen these leather white one which I may of just become obsessed with. I've also found this cute pink hat on Topshop. I'm also obsessed with stripy t-shirts, I found one in Topshop I really like and also a block colour sweatshirt.

What's on your Wishlist for Autumn?

Nutella and Salted Caramel Cookies Recipe

The Great British Bake Off is back on! Whoo! Who watched it the other night, I'm excited for this series. This makes me want to get baking again, so I found this recipe and I just had to make them because of how amazing they looked. Nutella and caramel two of my favourite things so why wouldn't you want them in a cookie. This recipe is super easy as I've changed it from the original so instead of making the caramel you just simply pop a Rolo in the middle of them - simple.

110g Butter
350g Light brown sugar
2 Eggs
55g Cocoa powder
260g All-purpose flour
3/4 tbsp Baking Powder
100g Chocolate chips
8 tbsp Nutella
Caramel filled chocolate
Pinch of Salt

1. Preheat your oven to 180ºC.
2. In a medium heat pan, melt the butter. Remove from the heat and stir in the brown sugar and eggs.
3. Then add in the cocoa powder and tiny pinch of salt and baking powder. Stir until all is combined.
4. Sift in the flower and stir until there are no lumps. Add the chocolate chips.
5. On a baking tray take a heaped tbsp of the dough. Make an indent with your finger and spoon in the Nutella then add a piece of chocolate to the top. To the top add a piece of flattened dough and press down to seal the edges. Then sprinkle some salt on top.
6. Bake in the oven for around 8-10 minutes.


Adidas Stan Smith

Adidas Stan Smith

I've always been a converse girl and I think I will continue to be a converse girl but, I've wanted a new pair of trainers for quite a while now but debating what to get in the end I decided to go for a pair of Adidas Stan Smith's. I've seen so many people with these, every fashion outfit on Pinterest seem to be wearing a pair of these, they seem to go with everything.

I think I've spent weeks trying to find the right pair, nowhere seemed to have my size or the correct colour. There was a bit of a mess up with asos sending the wrong size and then my size selling out. After no other stores having my size, I kept checking asos until I finally found a pair in my size and quickly ordered them before anyone else got them! In the end, I went for these, they are all white and I actually really like them I was going for light pink or blue but I actually prefer these in the end.

I've worn these a couple of times and so far they've been really comfy, comfier than my converse I think it's because the inside is leather, not clothes which I find rubs more. Even though they are extremely white now, I'm not really going to try and keep them this clean because I actually prefer the more worn in look on these - you know what I mean. Can you tell I'm not a fashion blogger? I feel like these may be getting worn more than my loved converse.

Here are some of my favourites

What's your go to shoe?